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Notarial Services

If you have dealings abroad as an individual, be it buying or selling an overseas property, getting married abroad or perhaps you are adopting a child internationally, you will need a Notary Public to authenticate documents for use overseas. The lawyer or organisation abroad will expect to see a notary's signature, stamp and seal. 

If you are a business or company who have overseas transactions then you will also likely require notarial services at some point. 

The most commonly requested notarial services are listed below.

For individuals

Powers of Attorney (drafting and/or witnessing)
Certifying photo pages of passport
Certifying immigration documents
Notarising documents for use abroad
Travelling with a minor (consent forms)
Certification of documents
Obtaining an Apostille
Embassy/Consular legalisation
Certifying University and other academic documents
Assisting with the sale and purchase of property abroad
Dealing with probate documents and assisting executors
Swearing oaths for marriage abroad
Assisting with documents for work abroad
Bank instruction letters
International Affidavits
Land Registry ID1 Forms
Sworn statements and depositions for use in courts abroad
Retirement life certificates
Residency certificates
Adoption papers and verifications
Tax declarations
Passport photos and true likeness certificates
Acknowledgement forms for the USA
Jurats and sworn statements for the USA

For businesses and companies

Certification of company documents
Corporate Powers of Attorney
Certificate of good standing from Companies House
Certification of identity of company officers
Certification of a document in a foreign language with its english translation
Affidavits and Statutory Declarations
Certifying the execution of commercial contracts for international use
Certifying commercial mortgages for international finance
Protesting bills of exchanges
Ship protests
Financial statements

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